We recently held a poll on our Bad Boy Facebook page to find out which of our fighters people most wanted to see a feature on. This guy’s name kept popping up again and again and it’s no wonder given his amazing track record. As of February 2013, Gustafsson is ranked the #2 light-heavyweight contender in the world by the UFC. Here we speak to him about his fighting rituals, the man behind ‘The Mauler’ and also get an insight into his fierce determination to obtain the belt!

Fact File:

  • Age: 26
  • Record: 15- 1- 0
  • Height: 6’5”
  • Weight: 205lb. (92kg)
  • Reach: 76.50” (194.31cm)
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Born: Arboga, Sweden.
  • Goal: Bring the belt to Sweden
  • Favourite footballer: Zlatan

Bad Boy: Sorry to hear about your eye injury cancelling your scheduled fight with Mousasi. Has this been re-arranged?
Alex: No

Bad Boy: How is your eye now?
Alex: 100% now

Bad Boy: That’s good to hear, so moving on to nickname ‘The Mauler’, where did it come from?
Alex: Don’t know a friend gave it to me long time ago. It’s a two handed axe they used back in the days.

Bad Boy: Seems very fitting giving how you can break up opponents. Tell us a bit about your training regime?
Alex: Training twice a day at Allstars Gym with Andreas Michael as head coach. (Allstars Gym, based in Stockholm, Sweden, offers classes in BJJ, boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai and physical training/fitness.)
A word from his trainer Andreas Michael: ‘I am so proud of all my guys in Sweden and the guys that came to the USA with us. They give me their heart and soul every day in training and I love them and respect them for that. They are my family and I care for them a lot. God bless them.’

Bad Boy: And what about diet, do you eat differently heading up to a fight?
Alex: Try to eat clean and healthy close to fights.

Bad Boy: So how do you feel about potentially fighting Jon Jones for the title (after his toe is recovered of course)?
Alex: Very motivated and 100% focused. It’s a fight I dream about!

Bad Boy: Wow. So until then when is your next fight and who is it against?
Alex: Don’t know yet, still waiting.

Bad Boy: Heading into any fight, how do you feel towards your opponent?
Alex: I’m a professional so I’m trying not to feel anything to my opponents and focus on the game plan.

Bad Boy: Why do you fight for Bad Boy?
Alex: It’s a great team and we care for each other. And Bad Boy makes the best training equipment I have come across in my career.

Now for something a bit more off-topic, we wanted to go behind the fighter profile and find out a little more about Alex as a normal guy.

Bad Boy: You have some awesome dogs, what are their names?
Alex: Thanks! Their names are Ghost and Sativa. (Alex is often posting pictures of his pooches out and about on his Instagram and Twitter pages)

Bad Boy: What is your favourite film?
Alex: Rocky 😉

Bad Boy: Of course it is! What’s your guilty pleasure?
Alex: Bad food! (followed by laughing)

Bad Boy: What’s your biggest fear?
Alex: Losing.

Now for some questions sent in from your fans via Facebook,

Justin Jenson would like to know ‘When did you first start MMA? Are you ever going to train in the U.S.?’
Alex: When I was 19 years old and yes I will be coming to train in U.S. Not sure when yet though.

Nathan Wilson asks ‘What are your plans in the UFC this year?’
Alex: To win all of my fights.

Tom Daly (We don’t think this is Olympic diver, Tom Daly) wants to know ‘How do you relax after a fight?’
Alex: In the countryside with my family.

This one sent it from Vincent Haller; ‘What is your food organisation?’
Alex: Depends if I have a fight or not.
Bad Boy: As we already know, his guilty pleasure is bad food but obviously he eats a lot healthier leading up to a fight.

Andy McCormack asks ‘Would you like a rematch with Shogun?’ (He thought it was a cracking fight)
Alex: No not now, I want the belt!

Berserker Brick (cool name btw) – After you become the champ, how will you celebrate?
Alex: Never let go of the belt!