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Bad Boy Ultimate Whey Protein

Bad Boy Ultimate Whey Protein

Bad Boy Ultimate Whey Protein combines high quality micro-filtered, fast and slow release Proteins to fuel your muscles for hours after initial consumption, perfect stomach filler for those of you on the go after a heavy workout! Bad Boy Ultimate Whey comes in three really nice flavours, my personal favorite being Strawberry, the mix is also very smooth, no nasty lumpy bits or chalky aftertaste like some products on the market.

A tasty alternative I find that this protein comes in useful for is protein pancakes, these make a great breakfast or post work out snack with berries and maybe a little dollop of peanut butter!


My own recipe for these is as follows:

2 eggs

15g plain flour

1 scoop of protein

Half tea spoon of baking powder

Dash of milk

Table spoon of Total Greek yogurt or cottage cheese


Bad Boy (13)

Bad Boy Ultimate Whey  Protein comes in THREE flavours;  Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate Caramel. The formula is 100% gluten free, low sugar, low fat, only 2.0g of carbs and 22g of protein  per serving.


Bad Boy Nutrition

Bad Boy has always been known for the huge part we play in the MMA industry and the clothing and equipment range, but we also have an fantastic and well liked Nutrition range that is expanding and extremely popular with all of our represented athletes.

The range is tried, tested, tried again and perfected by everyone in the team before it hits the shelves, a large amount of time and effort goes into giving people a product that we not only sell, but ourselves enjoy and buy.

A couple of our most popular products are the Bad Boy Blood Rush, the pre work out with a crazy kick that will literally keep you going all through until the last drag of your work out, and the Lean Greens Diet Whey, a protein shake with added lean greens. A diet whey protein with lean greens added may not sound appealing, but this product has been crafted so well to avoid any nasty lumps or after tastes, a personal favourite is the strawberry!  Another always in demand and fast selling product we have is our fat burners, Rapid Cuts Extreme, these are ideal for the tough morning cardio sessions!

You can check out our full nutrition range online and see all the awesome tasting and great working products we have on offer! Our athletes use all these products and achieve no less than the best results, this shows when they bring home the trophies/champions belt!

Shop Nutrition Range –

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Could You Be Part of Team Bad Boy?

New Faces to Join Bad Boy!

We have been very busy here at Bad Boy taking on lots of new talent in the athlete world! We have always been known for our fighters and huge involvement in the MMA industry, but we are branching out more and more to a wider range of athletes. Bad Boy want to not only be known as an MMA brand, but fitness and general lifestyle brand, we have a whole wide range of clothing and also our brand new nutrition range which appeals to all athletes!

Over the past few weeks we have been scouting all the talent we can find to add more representatives, ambassadors and fully sponsored athletes to join the ever growing team here at Bad Boy! We have been giving new faces to the industry that support and help they need with products and social media, as well as supporting our known long standing athletes who have been loyal from the start. It is brilliant to see our team grow and grow, 2015 is going to be big and 2016 even bigger with our talent on board!

Are you an aspiring physique model/competitor? Have you transformed yourself through sheer determination? Do you partake in any sport and are you fully dedicated and determined?! You could be part of our team!!


Email us now for a chance to be part of an ever growing awesome brand!



Mark Godbeer Dominates at BAMMA 21!

The New BAMMA Heavyweight World Champion!


Photo cred: Red Star Creations

It’s the year of Godbeer!

This is the year for our sponsored fighter Mark Godbeer, he is taking the MMA industry by storm after being out of action due to a career threatening injury he has come back with a bang! On Saturday 13th of June in a packed out Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, we seen the athlete go into that cage with one agenda, and that was coming out with the BAMMA Heavyweight World Title!

BAMMA 21 seen the heavyweight dominate the cage against Paul Taylor, winning by an explosive TKO in round 2. The entire fight had everyone on the edge of their seats, the crowd was roaring as the two heavyweights battled it out both landing explosive hits upon each other. Taylor was definitely a tough match for Godbeer but Gobbeer’s techniques were just too much for Taylor, he knew exactly what he was doing! Taylor likes to get his opponent in close, but the range just wasn’t there for him to take Godbeer down.

It is awesome for us here at Bad Boy to have such an awesome athlete representing our brand, BAMMA 21 goes out on SpikeTV and Channel 5, Bad Boy is seen across the UK and Europe being represented by fantastic talent. The only way is up continuing to support Mark and our other talented athletes, this is just the beginning for them!

You can watch Mark Godbeer dominate the cage and take that well deserved title on Demand 5-

You can also watch BAMMA AAA where we speak to both Mark Godbeer and our other Bad Boy champ, Rob “C4″ Sinclair!


He’s Coming Home! Rob “C4″ Sinclair Returns

He’s Coming Home!

Bad Boy (9)

The Return of Rob “C4” Sinclair!

Former BAMMA World Lightweight Champion and Bad Boy sponsored fighter, Rob “C4” Sinclair is making his return to the BAMMA cage on Saturday 13th June taking place at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. The event will be broadcast on SpikeTV at 00:00am on Saturday night. Rob (12-3) will be up against “The Beast” Michael Brightmon (13-5) in a lightweight battle on an already explosive fight card.

Rob suffered a horrific leg injury back in August 2013, which nearly ended his MMA career. He suffered a dislocated knee, causing serious leg trauma and ligament damage which left him in and out of hospital receiving surgery, also leaving him completely out of action having to put his debut on Bellator on hold. Luckily, from his surgery and sheer determination, Rob pulled through and hit back hard at his training, becoming stronger and more ready to go than ever!

We are beyond excited for the long awaited homecoming this Saturday night  seeing the former champ back in action representing Bad Boy in the cage!

Keep up to date with Rob on social media: